ACC Art Books

Client: ACC Art Books

Branding and communications scheme, the first in 50 years, for a world-renowned art book publisher and distributor.

ACC’s previous identity was quite delicate and caught up in their early days of publishing magazines and books for their namesake the Antique Collectors Club. However, their current catalogue of books no longer reflects this. We wanted to give ACC a marque that really enforces the pride they take in producing high quality books and was strong enough to apply to the more business-orientated sales and distribution side of the company. The new brand marque is designed to read well at small sizes on book spines and catalogues in all colours and on top of existing imagery. At larger sizes, such as catalogue covers, on-screen and exhibition stands, it is a powerful message of purpose for the brand.

Webb & Webb have worked with ACC Art Books for a number of years designing important titles such as Duffy, Photographer, the first monograph of work of the internationally renowned photographer Brian Duffy, as well as the award-winning Design Series of books which is co-authored by Webb & Webb Director Brian Webb and spans 15 titles.

Our brand identity has seen little change since our business was founded
over 50 years ago and we have worked with Webb & Webb to create a single clear
identity that better suits both the publishing, sales and distribution sides of our business.
It is important that our public image is fit for purpose.

James Smith, CEO, ACC Art Books